We're Proud to Announce the

2021 Excellence Awards Winners

Tumbler Ridge Business of the Year Sponsored by Parallel Projects:

Recognition for operating a successful business and demonstrating initiative, community involvement, and sound business management.


Lush Desserts - Amanda Hannah


Tumbler Ridge Inn - Sam Mangali

"Lush Bakery is such an amazing addition to our community . The Bakery always has fresh , quality artisan items, sweet and savoury.  Amanda is a phenomenal cake decorator, every cake is a work of art. Also: Donut Day! (Every Friday)"

Citizen of the Year Sponsored by District of Tumbler Ridge:

A  community member who works tirelessly for the community.


Ronke Solomon

"Ronke works tirelessly in our community to ensure our most vulnerable are fed and given the dignity they deserve. She has created a 'shopping' experience for those who need to access the food bank and I know many people who have appreciated her kindness over the years she has done this."

Volunteer of the Year Sponsored by Northland Fleet:

A community member who volunteers and goes above and beyond for the Community.


Terry Cosgrove

"Terry has put in countless hours over the many years she has been part of the society, there is so much work that goes unnoticed between contacting sponsors, planning and organizing future events and facilitating activities and events. Terry has volunteered in Tumbler Ridge for 12+ years without asking for anything in return and taking it upon herself to organize incredibly fun family events and activities, lifting the livelihood of our community and reenergising our burnt out volunteers. She chairs our meetings and keeps things moving even during the unfortunate times of this global pandemic, it didn't slow her down and she brings a fresh eye for detail and takes pride in what she does for the residents of Tumbler Ridge."

Home-Based Business of the Year Sponsored by Lake View Credit Union:

This award recognises a business that successfully takes on the many challenges of a larger company, but within the confines of the owner's own home.


Monkman Rustic Creations - Amanda Rhimes

"Amanda Rimes is always willing to go above and beyond to make my visions come true. She will make sure I am 100% satisfied with everything and if I do need anything fixed she does it with no questions asked and in a timely manner with a smile on her face. She's always willing to deliver as well. She is just a happy and creative person and it's a real pleasure to deal with Amanda"

Non-Profit of the Year Sponsored by Urban Systems:

Community impact through leadership, philanthropy, volunteerism and vision.


Tumbler Ridge Lions

"The Lion's Club goes above and beyond and will volunteer for events to ensure people are fed well. They also run the Flatbed Campground in the summer months. This gives people from all over a great opportunity to camp in our area for a reasonable cost. The volunteers are an aging group, but they are very active in the community. They provide bingo, a concession, funds for people in dire need. If it wasn't for the Lion's, community events wouldn't be as well attended."

Educator of the Year Sponsored by Freshmart:

A teacher or instructor who demonstrates outstanding dedication to sharing their knowledge with others.


Mark Deeley

"Mr Deeley is not an ordinary teacher. This man goes above and beyond when it comes to teaching. He truly cares about his students both in class and out of class.   He is always thinking of new courses which he could provide to our kids which give them real time life skills which they need. He created the Fish Farm course which has been a huge success and every year there is a waiting list for kids who want to take this course.  He has also created the broadcasting course.  Both of these courses give our teens new skills which they can take with them once they leave high school. As well both courses have involved the community. The fish farm welcomes members of the community to not only live-stream what is going on in the class, but he welcomes members of the community to come and tour the fish farm. This year they had a tour of the fish farm as well as trick or treating for our community while  there.   The radio station has contests which involves our community.   My sons never had a teacher like him before.   He believes in every student and does everything he can do to make sure they succeed.  Mr. Deeley is a humble man who truly deserves this honour."

Employer of the Year Sponsored by Lindberg Construction:

Exceptional commitment to its employees demonstrated through job creation, training, support, recognition, awards, employee health and wellness.


Tumbler Ridge Public Library

"Paula is a leader who inspires her employees to use their imaginations to create programming that is needed in the community.  The workers become leaders themselves. Paula truly cares about those who work with her."

Outstanding Customer Service Award Sponsored by Lindberg Construction:

Recognition for demonstrating excellence in customer service, going above and beyond, always ready to help out with a smile.


Home Hardware


Kaila’s Hair Studio

"Jan and Dean go above and beyond when we need something ordered in to the store. We appreciate their willingness to find great deals and offer assistance  all the time."

Up and Coming Business Person Award Sponsored by Parallel Projects:

Recognition of someone that has taken an idea by the horns and turned it into a great business.


Western Steak House Bryce Kirby


Rockin Robs Dollar Store Rob Duhaime

"Over the past year I have watched Bryce face just about every business and restaurant challenge the world could have thrown at her: A global pandemic, delayed ingredients deliveries, new computer systems, staff changes, internet issues, tv issues, event planning and many more.  Yet every single time she took it in her stride, came back with a wide smile, a humble belief in herself, amazing food, drinks and excellent customer service. I hope she's as proud of herself as I am of her!!! You're a star Bryce!!!"

Sports Person or Organization Award Sponsored by LaPrairie Crane:

A community member who supports Tumbler Ridge through their involvement with Tumbler Ridge sports programs, promoting sportsmanship, health, fitness, hard work and dedication within the community.


Tumbler Ridge Mountain Bike Association

Runner Up

Kevin Pittman

"TRMBA has worked very hard for several years and seen big accomplishments like a bike track in town and trails being built.  This group definitely deserves this award."

People's Choice Award Sponsored by Tumbler Ridgelines:

The people's choice - a business or organization that deserves to be recognized for the reason you choose.


The Emperors Challenge by Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society

“This event deserves a first place medal, it is run so well. It brings people into our community and it recognizes elite athletes as well as people such as local mothers, youth, miners and children.  It puts them all on equal footing for a day of fun, laughter, sweat, tears, scratches, bumps and bruises and complete exhaustion and satisfaction. What other sports event has brought so much attention to Tumbler Ridge and so many visitors to our community?  This event is amazing. Although there is an element of competitiveness, it is mainly competing with yourself. The other amazing thing about this race is that people help each other.  Hats off to the planning committee and those who donate so much of their time and energy to putting on this event and hats off to WNMS who maintains and builds many of our amazing trails in TR.I really hope the race can take place in 2022."

A Big Thank you to our

2021 Excellence Awards Sponsors